October 28, 2016 Sadiki Pierre

Three Tips to Make Halloween Charity Events Stand Out

Charity events are important social gatherings. Each year, the community gathers to raise funds for worthy causes by holding parties and other income-generating activities. More than just showing how deep your pockets are, attending charity events or fund raisers is a way to show solidarity with the community. When very busy business people, heads of companies, socialites and influencers pause from their hectic schedules to attend your party, you must be sure that the event is nothing but stellar.

A lot of you may be asking, why hold the charity event on halloween? It may seem unusual, but it’s actually a very good idea. With all the festivities and celebrations associated with the occasion, it’s the perfect to get everyone dressed up and happy to become a generous donor. Here are three tips to make it a successful one:

  1. Hold a Masquerade Ball

    Instead of dressing up in creepy costumes, you can make the fundraiser’s theme as masquerade ball. This gives your guest more creative license on their masks and costumes. They can be as bold and daring as they wish, or whimsical and imaginative if they choose to go down that route. The good thing about masquerade balls is that people who don’t like dressing up can simply use a mask. You can prepare several sets at the registration area in case some guests forget to create or bring one.

  2. Make it an Auction

    A Halloween auction may is not common but isn’t totally unheard of. With everyone in costumes, it will be more exciting when a bidding war arises. Some people are more bold and adventurous when the crowd doesn’t know who they are. Proceeds from the auction will help support the charity’s projects or activities for the next few months.

  3. Dine in the Dark

    Instead of elaborate, thousand dollar dinners, you can offer your guests a different experience by serving them dinner in the dark. A pitch-black venue evokes mystery and uncertainty. Plus, it has been discovered that when one’s senses are dulled, the other ones kick in and go on overdrive. In short, when your guests are diningat a pitch-black room, their taste buds will be heightened and so will their sense of hearing.

These three scenarios aren’t the easiest to accomplish, but it will certainly make an impact on your guests and donors. Don’t forget the basics, though: good food, great music, and always keep the wine flowing!