October 18, 2016 Sadiki Pierre

The 5 Best Halloween Wedding Ideas

Weddings and Halloween may not seem like an ideal combination. However, today’s modern times have eased up a little on wedding styles and themes. Since some people just love playing dress up, couples who wed in late October, have the option to make their wedding reception a Halloween-themed one.

It doesn’t have to be gory and gross. With proper planning, this can turn into an elegant and tasteful affair that people will talk about for months to come. Here are some tips to help you pull it off:

  1. Bring Out the Dark Color Palettes
    No. You don’t have to limit yourself to just orange and black. Contemporary Halloween themes do use a touch of glitter and glam. It’s safe to use jewel tones and pair it with deep reds and blacks. You can also play around with fabrics and textures. Just because it’s dark-themed doesn’t mean it has to be drab and boring.
  2. Try a Mystery Theme
    One way to elevate your Halloween-themed reception is to veer away from common scary themes. Lose the cobwebs and coffins. Instead, play around with backdrops and lights. You can make your venue look sophisticated by making use of a woodsy theme. This will make your guests think that they are walking through a mysterious forest at night. Alternatively, you can go the “whodunit” route and pretend that there’s a murder mystery to solve during the reception.
  3. Make the Bridesmaid Dresses Elegant
    Reds, emeralds, navy blues are alternative colors to black. Your bridesmaids can wear different styles in the same color, or different colors and various styles depending on their preference. You can elevate this theme by adding accessories like lace veils, double stands of pearls, and long, black gloves. If you prefer the goth look, use dark eye and lip makeup. For a modern twist, add sparkle with a glossy lip finish and diamond accessories.
  4. Celebrate Apples
    People naturally associate fall with pumpkins. Most parties or weddings during this time feature pumpkin pies or cakes. But, apples are also big during the fall and they make for good desserts. Instead of the common apple pie though, why not try serving caramel apples? They can be in small bars so guests won’t have a hard time eating them. You can also try mixing apple juice with champagne for an interesting and refreshing cocktail. This can be the signature drink at your reception.
  5. Create Souvenirs
    With this kind of theme, expect long lines at the photo booth. Everyone will want to remember your Halloween-themed party with plenty of souvenir photos. You can have these photos printed on magnets and make them your wedding giveaways. Just ask the guests to choose one photo to turn into a ref magnet so you don’t go over budget.

These are just five basic tips for planning a unique and elegant Halloween-themed reception. Don’t forget to tie in the rest of the wedding essentials such as invitations, flowers and music with the general theme. Plan everything early and make sure all your guests play along. This will be one big celebration to remember!

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