6 Things to Consider When Planning a Wedding Proposal

Who does not want a romantic proposal? Wedding proposals are intended to express utmost love and affection to one’s partner. The main key to a successful proposal is to keep the focus on the main characters, the couple.

To help you with this, these are 6 things to consider when planning a wedding proposal:

  1. It’s all about her

    There is no such thing as perfect partner or perfect proposal. But you can still make it perfect for your one true love. Make your proposal very intimate and personal. It has to be all about her. You definitely know what will make her smile, so go for it. Design and organize a proposal that is personalized and tailored fit to her wants.

  2. Be yourself.

    Proposals are definitely nerve racking, and it pays to be comfortable and at ease at all times. One of the most effective secrets is to just be yourself the whole time. Sometimes, long speeches will not work. It’s better to just keep it short and sweet. Refrain from memorizing your script, rather speak from your heart. Your genuine message will definitely come through no matter how nervous you are.

  3. Have your family and closest friends around.

    Since this is considered as a special day not only for you and your partner, but for your family and closest friends as well, make sure that you make them a part of this most special day. Send out invitations at least 1 week ahead to give them enough time to arrange their schedules and secure their presence. Make sure to warn them that this is a surprise. It would be a major let down if someone squeals or blabs.

  4. Get someone to take photos or videos.

    A special day like this should be immortalized through photos and videos. Make sure that someone is recording this special event. These memorabilias will be a wonderful reminder of this romantic and intimate part of your marriage.

  5. Make sure that you have your engagement ring ready.

    Among all the things you need to prepare for, getting the perfect wedding ring is the most important one. It doesn’t have to be too expensive, most especially if you are working around a budget. But make sure that you will spend enough time in choosing the best ring for your future wife.

  6. Throw a Party.

    A few days or weeks after the proposal, it would be nice to hold a small gathering for friends and family. You can hold it a hotel or a restaurant to keep it intimate. Just formally make the announcement and ask your guests to save the date for your wedding. Make this gathering more romantic and memorable by inviting Acute Inflections to be your entertainment for the evening.

  7. These are just basic tips for you to consider when planning a wedding proposal for your special someone. Bear in mind that sometimes, the simplest preparations are the sweetest ones. So focus more on what will make your future wife happy and give it your best!

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