September 20, 2016 Sadiki Pierre

How to Have Fun Team Building Sessions During a Corporate Event

Corporate Team Building

Corporate events don’t have to be limited to cocktail parties or elaborate dinners. It can actually be an entire weekend away at a resort or a hotel where the employees can all mingle and interact. You can take advantage of this time to plan short but meaningful team building sessions. These breakout sessions can be done per department in order to focus the goals according to what they need more – communication, scheduling, sales etc.

Here are some things to remember when planning team building sessions:

1. Make It Fun

If it were a strategic planning session, it should have been at the boardroom. But since this activity will take place at a more relaxed atmosphere, it should also be laid back and relaxed. The breakout sessions can be in between rounds of sports or other activities for the day. Start with icebreakers so people will become relaxed.

2. Show Videos or Photos of Past Team Building Sessions

It’s always good for employees to see past team building sessions or corporate activities. The older ones will feel nostalgic and proud to have stayed for many years, while the newbies will have something to look forward to. More importantly, it shows how well the company looks after its employees.

3. Listen to the Common Folk

Team building sessions are a good way to listen to what the rank and file have to say. The managers and supervisors are always in control during meetings at the office, so make this a little different. Ask the employees to list down their suggestions for their department, and for the company. It can be about work, or about how the work environment can be improved. The suggestions can be anonymous, since some employees are hesitant to voice out their concerns. This little exercise gives management a chance to get a real pulse of what’s happening in their organization.

4. Use Technology

Spice things up a bit by using social media in the team building activity. You can use Instagram, Twitter, or FaceBook for games. You can also create a twitter hashtag for this corporate event and have everyone upload their photos during sessions and other activities.

5. Good Food and Great Music

Cap the day or weekend activity with a party. Make sure that it’s tasteful and well-planned because it is after all, a company function. For larger groups, hiring a live band or a DJ is a good idea. Make sure that the venue has enough space for dancing if that’s the kind of gathering you like to have. For smaller, more intimate and formal settings, a jazz duo with an eclectic repertoire just might be the thing you need.

Team building sessions are all about communication and building better rapport with your department, or the rest of the company. It allows the management to reconnect with the staff at a personal level while having a little fun and relaxation in the process.

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