July 29, 2016 advantagewebadmin

Cocktail Hour Music Done Right


Separate Your Cocktail Hour From The Rest

There are several aspects of weddings worthy of the time you put into planning the event. There are other details that aren’t so worthy. Playlists for cocktail hour isn’t something you have to overly assess. If cocktail hour goes as planned, everyone will be socializing and having a good time, and no one will be paying attention to the music in the background – unless it’s unique. A cocktail hour playlist just needs a positive, upbeat vibe, no more and no less. Whether those songs are funky or soulful, as long as the playlist puts people in a positive mood, it’s working.

Did you know that the cocktail hour was invented by British aristocracy in the early 20th century?

We like to play many of the top favorite songs for our cocktail hour playlists. We work with our clients to produce a mix of live music, so needless to say, it incorporates many soul, jazz and funk selections. Nonetheless, assembling a playlist should be fun, not a chore. The songs you select should be inspirational, not melancholy. Songs that you’d be happy to drink to, ranging from Justin Timberlake to Etta James!


Your Wedding

Your wedding’s cocktail hour should be magical. You’ve just married your best friend, everyone around you is rooting for your happiness, and the drinks are keeping that euphoria afloat. Even if you and your new partner leave the party early, you’re guests are going to take in everything the wedding has to offer, from the hors d’oeuvres to the cocktails. Whatever they do, they’ll be doing it with a spectacular musical backdrop. Despite the conversation being the loudest sounds in the room during any cocktail hour, it’s still essential to play music that embodies the absolute elation of a wedding.

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