Paying Homage

Prince is one of those artists whose legacy will endure and we’re sure to do our small part by sneaking one of his classics into every event we perform for. This one seems to be everyone’s favorite right now.

Thank you Mr. Nelson for your inspiration. You are loved.

A First Dance to Remember!

These lovebirds met online a few years ago so they had us change the lyrics to their favorite Ed Sheeran song. In return, we had them come up with some cute choreography for their First Dance. Thanks again Ying and Rick for allowing us to be part of your beautiful wedding!

Our Perfect Outdoor Setting!

If you’ve browsed through our blog, you’ve probably noticed how much we love the outdoors. Naturally, we’re grateful to do a TON of outdoor weddings and private events during the warmer months. They’re a lot of fun but they do have their challenges including high temperatures, windy days, random thunderstorms and worst of all, mosquitoes!!! Fortunately, Lotte New York Palace’s Courtyard is the best of both worlds.

We have a GORGEOUS view of St. Patrick’s Cathedral in front of us and there’s actually a lot of shade there because of the skyscrapers. The hotel even provides a huge umbrella for us to perform under if it’s too sunny/hot or raining. Best of all, we’ve literally never seen a blood-thirsty insect on the hunt for our musical elixir! You can see why we absolutely love it there. We performed for their Courtyard’s Grand Opening a few weeks ago and have some photos and video from that magical afternoon to show you. We’ll be there every Monday afternoon from 5:00 pm until 7:30 pm. Stop by and visit us if you’re free! If not, enjoy the photos and video.

Moves Like Jagger

One of the challenges of what we do is helping people understand that we aren’t as limited as they would think. In the beginning, people would ask us what style of music we played or what kind of group we were and we always struggled to give them an efficient answer. We eventually learned that regardless of how we answered, they would walk away with the impression that we were a jazz duo because of the combination of an upright bass and jazzy sounding voice. That’s certainly not a bad thing but it does present another challenge. Most people would expect a jazz duo to perform jazz standards but most of our sets are quite scattered. We may start with a jazz tune followed by a tune from Billy Joel, Sade, Ed Sheeran, Bob Marley or Elvis. For example, here’s a quick snippet of our rendition of Maroon 5’s Moves Like Jagger. We performed it during the cocktail hour of a recent corporate event at The Pierre, one of Manhattan’s most esteemed luxury hotels. What do you think???

A Day Off

Those of you know my bassist are aware that he has many interests and is a rather interesting fellow. He’s also very private and will certainly exact some measure of mischievous revenge if I disclose too much information about him. With that in mind, here’s a sneak peek of what you might find him doing on a day off.