Empowering our youngsters.

We’re adding our musical touch to a Big Brothers Big Sisters Gala, and are reminded of how much children in all of our communities need volunteer mentors who love and support them. We are all too busy doing something, but let’s make sure that something actually matters. 💜

Dreamy Sundays.

It’s been a dream performing under this glorious atrium each Sunday during brunch (12-4pm) at The Beekman. It really is one of NYC’s hidden treasures. We would like to think we’re on that list too.🤔Anyway, we hope to see you there soon!
Special thanks to Jon Macapodi for your vision during this shoot. You were an absolute pleasure to work with and we’re looking forward to doing it again soon! 📸

Meet Ms. Courtney Redd.

Our apologies for not introducing our Booking Manager to you yet. Her name is Courtney and since she started working with us earlier this year, it’s been an adventure learning to let go, allowing her to handle the business tasks and redirecting our energy into creating. Thank you, Ms. Redd, for being a great mom, coach, friend, therapist, and when you’re not doing all of that, a hilariously confused addition to the team! 😉