Our New Album & Toilet Paper

I wanted to record a short video of us doing the title track for our new album, “Let Go,” to invite you to the release party on Tuesday (10/25) at Birdland.

Unfortunately, my mention of something I let go of during the pandemic led to Sadiki talking about toilet paper. 🤷🏽‍♀️

Please flush his antics out of your mind, and click here for tickets! 😆

Lastly, we have some fun shows next month, starting with a Gastby-esque concert near Hartford, CT!

We’re also partnering with a hilarious comedian to host an evening of “Laughs & Jazzy Grooves” in my hometown, Queens, NY, before heading down to Washington, DC, to host a brunch show.

Visit our calendar for details, and we hope we see you soon!


Elasea & Her “Toilet-Paper Loving” Bassist

You Coming?

We’re doing the release party for our fifth album on Tuesday, October 25th, at Birdland! 🤗

It’s called “Let Go,” and it includes our jazzy takes on Ella Fitzgerald, Sam Cooke, and Andra Day songs, plus a few originals.

You coming?

Click here for tickets.

Apparently, I “Nag.”

Our Tuesday residency at Birdland starts on October 11th with our Jazzy Bob Marley Tribute, “Is This Love?”

In addition to being our favorite Marley song, it’s a question we all could ask ourselves more often.

Unfortunately, Sadiki thinks I “nagged” him with that question while filming this short video to invite you to the show. 🤷🏽

Please click here for tickets, and I hope I don’t have to “nag” you to join us! 😜

PS – If you love musicals, we’re doing our “Beauty in the Bass” show at Birdland on October 18th!


Elasea & Her “Nag Intolerant” Bassist