A Spicy Cocktail Hour!

Sadiki was born in Trinidad so he LOVES Indian food and I grew up in Queens and have grown quite fond of it as well. A good friend of ours hosts a lot of high-end Indian weddings. When he suggested that we learn a few Hindi tunes and perform them during the cocktail hour of Indian weddings, we were happy to do so. What do you think?


We spent Sadiki’s birthday weekend scouting a Bond-like location for a photo shoot. The weather didn’t exactly cooperate for the first few days but eventually, we got the shots we needed. We can’t wait to show them to you but until then, use your imagination! 🙂

Paying Homage

Prince is one of those artists whose legacy will endure and we’re sure to do our small part by sneaking one of his classics into every event we perform for. This one seems to be everyone’s favorite right now.

Thank you Mr. Nelson for your inspiration. You are loved.