Meet Ms. Courtney Redd.

Our apologies for not introducing our Booking Manager to you yet. Her name is Courtney and since she started working with us earlier this year, it’s been an adventure learning to let go, allowing her to handle the business tasks and redirecting our energy into creating. Thank you, Ms. Redd, for being a great mom, coach, friend, therapist, and when you’re not doing all of that, a hilariously confused addition to the team! 😉

An Artist’s Muse.

During our opening night at The Campbell, Mel Barranco created this distinctively charming sketch of us. It’s always a pleasure to have other artists attend our shows, and we were flattered and honored to be his muse, and him our good omen! ✏️🎨🎶

A little Ray for you…

Last time we performed for brunch at The Beekman Hotel, a few guests requested a Ray Charles tune, and we were happy to oblige. Between the delicious food & drinks and music you actually want to hear, you’re bound to have a great time. When you join us this Sunday (12-4pm) at the Temple Court Bar Room and let us know a few of your favorite tunes or artists and we’ll see what we can do! 😎✔️

One More Chance…

Yet one more chance to feel entranced and perhaps dance while being romanced! Did our rhyme shed some moonlight on how you’ll be spending your time during your next date night? 😉 This Sunday from 6-10pm at The Campbell Bar🎙🎶♥️