A Well-Deserved Shout Out.

If your business needs someone who can open doors and point you in the right direction, contact our big brother Zack with Rebill Hill Consulting. We just got back from Ashton Cigar Bar in Philly where we were the featured entertainment for another client he introduced us to. He’s been there from our humble beginnings helping us create our brand, market our business and network with the right people. Thanks again for all the love and support, Mr. James!


We had so much fun at our Sunday brunch debut that even Sadiki couldn’t pretend to play a mean bass anymore! We’ll be back at the Bar Room inside the Beekman Hotel this Sunday from 12-4pm. Who’s joining us?

The Beekman Hotel.

Cole Porter wrote this tune 75 years ago so people like you would come to enjoy music from a duo like us in a cozy space like the Bar Room in a fancy hotel like The Beekman for a delightful meal like brunch. We’ll be there on Sunday from like 12-4pm!

We Need A Vegas Story!

A few months ago, one of our corporate clients invited us to Las Vegas to perform for their awards dinner. Our schedule was limited so there was no time for us to misbehave and we’re kinda regretting that now…anyone have a PG-rated Vegas story we can live vicariously through?? 😎