Moves Like Jagger

One of the challenges of what we do is helping people understand that we aren’t as limited as they would think. In the beginning, people would ask us what style of music we played or what kind of group we were and we always struggled to give them an efficient answer. We eventually learned that regardless of how we answered, they would walk away with the impression that we were a jazz duo because of the combination of an upright bass and jazzy sounding voice. That’s certainly not a bad thing but it does present another challenge. Most people would expect a jazz duo to perform jazz standards but most of our sets are quite scattered. We may start with a jazz tune followed by a tune from Billy Joel, Sade, Ed Sheeran, Bob Marley or Elvis. For example, here’s a quick snippet of our rendition of Maroon 5’s Moves Like Jagger. We performed it during the cocktail hour of a recent corporate event at The Pierre, one of Manhattan’s most esteemed luxury hotels. What do you think???

A Day Off

Those of you know my bassist are aware that he has many interests and is a rather interesting fellow. He’s also very private and will certainly exact some measure of mischievous revenge if I disclose too much information about him. With that in mind, here’s a sneak peek of what you might find him doing on a day off.

Wedding Photographers…

Have we told you how much we love Wedding Photographers??? They’re experts in capturing magical shots and discarding the less flattering ones. This one was taken by Jorge Garcia Photography during a recent wedding cocktail hour performance at New Leaf Restaurant. It was a really fun evening and we have more to show you from it. Stay tuned!




Favorite Things

One of our most favorite things (please pardon the pun) about what we do is receiving photos and videos people take of us at weddings and private events. One of our bride’s guests took this video of us at Glen Island Harbour Club as we entertained people arriving. The wedding ceremony hadn’t started yet, everyone was relatively sober and it was the perfect time to catch us in action. We hope you enjoy!

Our Wardrobe Stylist?

People always ask us where we get the ideas behind our outfits but we prefer to take all of the credit and politely decline to disclose our sources.  Unfortunately, someone caught Sadiki getting some tips from our stylist before a holiday party performance last year. He’s Sadiki’s nephew and a talented little fellow but prefers to remain out of the limelight. Please respect his privacy…and continue to give us all of the credit if you like our outfits! 😉

A Sneak Peek!

We have the privilege of performing for amazing corporate cocktail hour and dinner parties all the time. While we are very grateful for that, there is a downside. Since they’re almost always private events, we usually aren’t allowed to post any pictures or videos. Fortunately, the team at Michael Aram’s NYC showroom didn’t mind us capturing a portion of their client appreciation event. We even managed to include some of his breathtaking work in the video. Enjoy!

Look Out!

VUE Magazine recently did a blog post about us. Guess that means we’re moving up in the world! 😉

Here’s one of our favorite excerpts from it:

Where did you guys meet?
SP: My friend asked if I could go with him to her [Elasea] show because he was interested in one of the actresses so I went as sort of a wingman. That’s when I got to see eL sing and we met afterwards. We became friends, started hanging out and one thing led to another. She claimed bass was her favorite instrument and she was the one who encouraged me to get back into it.

What made you two want to join forces?
SP: She was having a showcase with another band and she thought it would be cool to have an upright bass instead of an electric one so she asked me to play. Well, most of the band members didn’t show up that night and at one point, it ended up just being the two of us on stage and people seemed to enjoy it. So that’s really how it happened, sort of by accident. After the show people kept coming up to us and saying that they’d love to have this at weddings and different events so we decided to make a thing of it and here we are.

Click here if you would like to read the rest of it.