February 26, 2017 Sadiki Pierre

A Musical Introduction

Sometimes I think that music has a funny way of bringing people together. It takes center stage when we’re happy, sad and best of all, celebrating. Live music sets the tone at special events, blending blissful with clanging glassware and polite chit-chat. The launch party of the Summer 2016 issue of VUE Magazine was no different.

It was a sunny August evening aboard the new Sundancer yacht. The day finally arrived after months of meticulous preparation. For my coworkers and I at VUE, this event showcased our summer’s work. After countless hours of writing, photographing and designing, it was fulfilling to see all of the puzzle pieces come together at this event.

With good food, great company and breathtaking views of the Hudson River, this celebration had all of the ingredients of a memorable experience for me. The summer sun melted into colorful clouds at sunset, just barely hugging the New York skyscrapers. Once-filled bottles of wine became drops at the bottom of our glasses. Notable individuals made their way through and around the ever-changing crowd…and then there was the wonderful music I kept hearing.

I still remember the first time my coworkers and I spotted them. We were in the middle of a not so deep conversation with a waiter regarding the hors d’oeuvres and then I noticed them on the yacht’s deck. A woman with a beautiful white dress and chic headpiece to match and a man wearing a navy waistcoat, golden pocket watch and striped tie in an extremely fashionable knot. While their vintage outfits were fabulous, their music was even more uniquely remarkable.

Like everyone on that boat, my coworkers and I were blown away by their musical talent. My fellow writers and I are always fascinated by words. Words and their complexity have become our craft so it was a special experience for us to admire their talent of creating sound. We happily listened as the woman’s smooth voice harmonized with the man’s deep plucking of the double bass. We danced to their music and heartily laughed when the ship’s abrupt movement swung us off balance. Before the magical evening came to an end, I knew we needed a photo to eternalize the joy we felt at that moment.

There were of course a lot of great moments to capture that evening and as a staff photographer at VUE, I had a lot of fun doing so. My lifetime love of music and musical instruments made the challenge of capturing the energy of their performance on camera even more special. The perfect photo opportunity finally occurred as the night was coming to an end on our way back into Lincoln Harbor. The duo’s eyes connected near the end of a beautiful rendition of a Frank Sinatra tune just as I found a few angles framing the awakening lights of the Manhattan skyline behind them. Something, other than the camera shutter, just seemed to click.

All celebrations must come to an end, even the great ones. When the Sundancer finally pulled into the harbor, guests made their way off the yacht and my coworkers and I began cleaning up and collecting the scattered magazines. The jazz singer introduced herself to me and asked to see the few photos I had snapped earlier. She complemented me on the photos, and I praised her music. Elasea and I traded business cards, and the rest of the story is now beginning.

So yes, music really does have a funny way of bringing people together.

Andrea Garcia