July 24, 2017 Sadiki

Our Perfect Outdoor Setting!

If you’ve browsed through our blog, you’ve probably noticed how much we love the outdoors. Naturally, we’re grateful to do a TON of outdoor weddings and private events during the warmer months. They’re a lot of fun but they do have their challenges including high temperatures, windy days, random thunderstorms and worst of all, mosquitoes!!! Fortunately, Lotte New York Palace’s Courtyard is the best of both worlds.

We have a GORGEOUS view of St. Patrick’s Cathedral in front of us and there’s actually a lot of shade there because of the skyscrapers. The hotel even¬†provides a huge umbrella for us to perform under if it’s too sunny/hot or raining. Best of all, we’ve literally never seen a blood-thirsty insect on the hunt for our musical elixir! You can see why we absolutely love it there. We performed for their Courtyard’s Grand Opening a few weeks ago and have some photos and video from that magical afternoon to show you. We’ll be there every Monday afternoon from 5:00 pm until 7:30 pm. Stop by and visit us if you’re free! If not, enjoy the photos and video.